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Our Meat

Lark's Meadow Farms raises pasture lamb. Our lambs are born between January and March each year, and are raised on their mother’s milk until weaning. Once they are weaned, they are raised on pasture and have a very good life with our committed care and attention. Our lamb is antibiotic and hormone free. When our animals reach market weight, they are humanely harvested at our LOCAL, USDA  butcher.  Our lamb is sold seasonally at our farm store and at these local farmers


Idaho Falls Farmers Market             I.F., ID              Sat. May-Oct 9am-1pm

Teton Valley Farmers Market,          Driggs, ID        Fri. June-Sep 9am-1pm

Jackson Market on the Square,      Jackson, WY   Sat. July-Sep 8am-12pm

The Peoples Market at SnowKing,  Jackson, WY   Sat. June-Sep 4pm-7pm

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