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About Us


Nestled in the rugged Upper Snake River Valley of southeastern Idaho, lies a 3rd & 4th generation Farmstead, producing unappologetically rustic cheeses, pasture raised meats and bread.


Embraced by Yellowstone NP to the north, Grand Teton NP to the east, Craters of the Moon NP to the west and sandwiched by the Legendary trout waters of the South Fork of the Snake river and The Henry's Fork of the Snake river, at an altititude of 5,880 feet, Lark's Meadow Farms is situated in stunning vistas any time of year.


A millenia of volacanic activity has imbued the soils of this land rich in minerals and nutrients. Growing golden stands of wheat, barley, beats, potatos and some of the best alfalfa on earth. The snow capped Teton and Big Hole mountains provide pure water for irrigation in this otherwise high desert valley.


Lark's Meadow Farms brings together this stunning landscape, with an ongoing family farming legacy and a comittment to community in the pursuit of producing good food. We believe in being good stewards of the land, our animals and the people we work with.


Our goal at Lark's Meadow Farms is simple; be honest, produce great food and great relationships.


We pledge that our farm is free from GMO's, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers. We are committed to farming using organic and natural methods.





GOOD to eat,

            GOOD for you.


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